Center for Stepfamily Development
Center for Stepfamily Development

5460 Franklin Rd. Suite "F"
Boise, Idaho, 83705


The CENTER FOR STEPFAMILY DEVELOPMENT is a valuable resource for divorced and remarried families in Idaho and the Northwest, providing information, education and support. The Center offers classes and counseling for divorced and remarried individuals and families, with a therapist who is trained and knowledgeable about these issues.

Marion M. Summers, M.Ed., has been working with stepfamilies for 18 years. She was on the Board of Directors for the Stepfamily Association of America, and has had extensive training in stepfamily dynamics through SAA. She is a member of a successful stepfamily and has been a stepmother for more than 20 years. Her book, I DIDN'T GROW UP TO BE A WICKED STEPMOTHER, is used extensively in stepmother classes, and is available through the

Stepfamilies can be SUCCESSFUL! With a strong commitment to succeed, along with learning about the issues confronting stepfamilies, gaining communication and family skills, your stepfamily can be happy and successful. The
CENTER FOR STEPFAMILY DEVELOPMENT can help you gain the information, skills, and education necessary for fulfilling your goal of a healthy, loving stepfamily.

If you are interested in counseling through the CENTER FOR STEPFAMILY DEVELOPMENT, call 208-322-2908 or email us at Classes are also available. Call or email for class information.